Greetings netizen,

If you’re reading this, you’ve arrived at my blog.

I am currently in my final semester of grad school. After I complete my thesis I will no longer have assignments encouraging me to write! My intention here is to encourage myself to write more in the future, as well as to compile some of the writing I have done up to this point.

I intend for the blog to be a performance inspiring stage, something I find necessary in overcoming my natural inertia. With that said, I’ll mostly be writing for myself. I want to keep a reference of my thoughts and their evolution through time. The blog is something of a half-stage-half-diary.

I don’t want to be too meticulous with my writing here, the goal is just to get thoughts down. I have made a rating system, 1-3, that qualifies essentially how proud I am of each post. I think I will write on a myriad of topics, anything of interest to me. I suspect this will be a dusty place... explore at your own leisure.

Thank you, and again, welcome to my blog. /xoxo